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Re: Photosite Density in relation to Diffraction Effects

Detail Man wrote: Little to be gained from increasing photosite density beyond amounts that correspond to what are dominating effects of diffraction through a circular aperture of the lens-system used at its widest opening.

actually, no... there are things to be gained, potentially at least - for example the recent Panasonic patents ( http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/02/04/panasonic-promises-high-sensitivity-sensors-using-micro-color-splitters ) - you need tiny sensels there - so if you want to use that beyond cell phone cameras or tiny P&S sensors... there are things to gain if you consider that we have CFA and not monochrome... also demosaicking is better/simpler colorwise if you oversample R-G-B-G or you can even come w/ more colors in CFA and just "bin" them instead of interpolating

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