Worried about the future of Canon's Txi/XXXD Line after seeing T5i...

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Re: T6i?

Midwest wrote:

mabasa wrote:

Worried. Lost trust. Couldn't wait another year. Switched to Nikon. Feeling better now.

Great. See ya.

Interesting comment with no substance. It's intriguing you felt you had to say it anyway. I was on topic sharing Smiller4128's concern. I've actually addressed the topic with a lot more words before but I didn't bother this time because I know how these things usually go with Canon apologists. In summary there's a growing concern amongst Canon users that Canon is too conservative and not innovative enough. And the Canon community is in a wait state like it has been for soooo long (70D, 7DII). Think about how long it will take until Canon can give us on par sensor (with something like D3200) on their low end cameras. I grew tired of waiting and because of that I now have the right tool for the job and it's really quite liberating not having to worry when and if they can do it and for what price.

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