Is Jeff Schewe's Book" The Negative" worth purchasing???

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Re: Is Jeff Schewe's Book" The Negative" worth purchasing???

Bill1000Evening wrote:

I think you are refering to the book, "The Digital Negative".  I have that book plus Martin Evening's Lr book plus some others.  I'm about half-way thru Jeff's book.  The early part of the book has a lot of technical details and history that I find interesting.  The stuff I'm reading now is a lot more technique - and it's pretty high-level in my opinion.  My take is that I have a long way to go to get to the point where his book is going to improve my Lr technique a whole bunch.  Bottom line - This should not be the first book for a Lr novice.  Martin Evening's book is a lot more useful to me for my skill level. That said, I'm glad I bought Jeff's book.

I agree with this assessment.  Jeff's book is great for delving deeper into the develop module and taking your raw developing to a higher level, but Martin Evening's book is probably a better place to start.

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