Birding after 2 weeks (HS50)

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Re: Birding after 2 weeks (HS50)

Me Tarzan wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

Me Tarzan wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

Thanks for posting these. You did an exceptional job, as did the camera. I picked my three favorites [posted below]. That starling is a killer shot. The sparrows, that one's a happy shot. And I like the pose of the mockingbird.

Exceptional feather details on the starling, pretty colors and that blurred BG is beautiful.

This may look underexpose in your screen so crank up the brightness a bit.

I appreciate your generous comment Frank. The starling is a very beautiful bird albeit considered pest by some especially if they come in hordes. Sparrow has been my favorite bird to photograph  ever since because it is vastly common in any spot and in any weather. HS50 did excellent job here considering majority of my subjects are in shade so we can still see more improvements as the weather improves further.


-=[ Joms ]=-

The starlings in my area generally stick to the larger surrounding cities where I live although we've had a couple show here, too.

We have quite a number of brown headed cowbirds. Funny thing is that they lay their eggs in other bird's nests [during nesting time]. I read in Wiki that they'll destroy a nest if the other bird attempts to remove their egg. Brutal. Then when the mama delivers lunch, they'll horde the food from the other chicks. Even more brutal. And at times, they will push the other chicks from the nest. Perhaps the most brutal.  I guess they are a lot like humans. lol

I'll look forward to seeing more of your experience with your new camera, whether it involves birds or other subjects.

I certainly agree! Nature's cruelty will always be there. Thanks for sharing that interesting information.

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