Do you leave your A77 (or other SLT/SLR) behind when you go on holiday?

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Re: Do you leave your A77 (or other SLT/SLR) behind when you go on holiday?

Beaverhelmet wrote:

123Mike wrote:

Yes I do. Though I love my A77


, 16-50 f/2.8


Minolta 28-135 "secret handshake"


Actually, I have two of those...

I had one. Sold it. Good riddance. I could equal the quality with other lenses, like with the cheesy 28-105xi which is tack sharp wide open unlike the SH. The SH also screws up the AF system and the focus shifts one you take the shot stopped down. Backfocuses way too often. My copy anyway. Wide open it has this veiling haze (not talking flare). Clearly massive focus issues wide open. But stopped down it was very good, just not better than the cheesy lens (they should give that lens that name - nah, not popular enough, it's almost always overlooked and ignored that one, weird, because it's *good* - except for bokeh though).

Sigma 100-300 f/4 APO


If you find this lens for $200, buy it! In Sweden they are more like $800, the very few times they surface on the second hand market.

Oops, I misread...

and HVL F58AM


I am not out of options whith my smaller camera stuff. I also own three NEX cameras


And I just got my Speed Booster delivered today, yay!

and 45+ legacy lenses ranging from small rangefinders to big clunky Zeiss SLR.


Ahem, no comment.

No limits more than my imagination and my own back.

You sunk like $10k into this? Are you a store or something?

Well, there is an unwritten law that forbids you to do an honest financial summary of your hobbies. Very dangerous stuff indeed.

Lol. Works for me. Doesn't the wife wonder what all those packages in the mail are all about though?

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