Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

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Not forgetting anything.

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But aren't you comparing something like 10 or 12 fps to the competition that does only like 3 or 5 fps or something like that?

Yes, you are correct.  I've not tried any OVF cameras at 10-12 fps.  And, I basically never (unless I'm showing off) use my A-77 at 12fps.  My lenses except for the 28-135mm and 35-70mm F4 are not sharp enough wide open.  The A-77 can be set for 3, 8 or 12 fps.  I usually have it set for 3 or 8 fps.  Even at 8 fps, I start loosing track of the subject after about 4-5 frames.

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Is it limited by the card? With a fast card, how many frames can you shoot at 8 FPS?  One thing I remember when I considered the A77 is the that the fast rate was only available for 2 seconds or something...

The A99 sounds like a dream with the AF-D but it seems like it may be still constrained by the buffer.

I don't know about the A77 or A99, but from what I gathered, the A57 internally can only write at 4.5MB/s max. It means that using a class 10 card won't make it any faster than using a class 6 card.

According to Dpreview, the burst rate in jpeg fine when the buffer is full, is up to 2.5 fps with a 45MB/s card. That's >10MB/S. Burst rate after a full buffer in RAW was up to 1 fps, wich is about 16MB/s. And it can write a full buffer of RAW files (20) in 23 (21+2 seconds of shooting) seconds, which would equate to over 22 MB/s.

I don't think many class 6 cards will manage that....

I think you're forgetting the fact that photos first go into an in-camera RAM, and from there it's getting copied to the SD card.

First, I mentioned the sustained speed after the buffer is full. Which means that the buffer has little to do with the speed at that point.

Second, I mentioned write speeds calculated from the point that pictures were taken, until the writing was completed. Which means that the actual write speed to the card is likely even higher because the files are written to the internal memory first (thus actual write time to card probably shorter than the quoted 23 seconds).

In short, it's still a multitude higher than the 4.5MB/s limit that you gave.

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