Pocket backup for my OMD EM-5

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Re: backup for my OMD EM-5..own XZ-1, s95, GF3, G3 and RX100

Alumna Gorp wrote:

Geekapoo wrote:

Love my OM-D. Have owned a Canon s95, Oly XZ-1 and have a GF3 and RX100 now. The RX100 is a phenom camera....what OM-D is to m43, the RX100 is to P+S, a whole different league vs. the other P+S available....a truely wonderful, remarkable camera. HIGHLY recommend!


The RX100 falls down once zoomed becoming pretty slow, those bigger sensor advantages are quickly lost.

Currently the best all rounder would be the x10 or x20 with its f2 - f2.8 4x zoom.

Sorry, but I thought the x10 was a dog....a defect disaster (orbfest). I assume the x20 is better but I do not see it as a P+S (small) like the XZ-1/s95/s100/LX7/RX100 and cannot say that I'm very fond of the UI. Agree that the RX100 gets slow with zoom but it has so many bells and whistles to make it overall the no-brainer winner IMHO.

Here is a very high ISOP shot with available light (from my porch). Don't see any of the other cameras listed (P+S) as being able to do this....but the bottom line is to each their own, whatever camera provides the most joy and has the best UI for you....it's about having the camera with you to take pictures and being able to set it properly quickly before the shot "disappears"

RX100 low light pic

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