Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

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Re: Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

Austen19 wrote:

I'm really glad you made this post as I am considering an A77 to supplement my A700.

When I tested an A77 in my local shop and panned across the room it seemed the EVF was "not keeping up" but maybe I was just swinging it across too fast?

Recommend you take a memory card with you and practice with it a bit (hopefully not anchored to some display with a boat anchor, otherwise known as the in-store camera sales killer).  For my part coming from an OVF it was disconcerting only at first but just needed to make a mental adjustment.

Speaking of sales killers, one thing I noticed when looking at an A77 in-store (in a camera shop no less, with fancy separate Sony showcase display and the occasional Sony rep in-store) was the camera was running the oldest original firmware.  Controls were sluggish as was well known to occur in the early firmware, and it was predictably unimpressive.  Come on Sony (and camera stores), I know you've been using these demo models since they were released, but how about keeping things updated so people don't walk away with a (wrong) negative impression?  When I mentioned it to one of their photo 'expert' salespeople, he just shrugged and said he knew nothing about it.  I suspect this happens a lot elsewhere.

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