Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

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Re: I disagree with DPR on this.

tbcass wrote:

Christopher0us wrote:

But I've never used an SLT, and DPR's review makes it sound like anything faster than 3fps (8, 10 , 12 fps) when the EVF goes to the slideshow view makes shooting moving action impossible.

So, does anyone have any experience that either supports or undermines that impression?


Shooting sports with an SLT and it's inherent "slide show effect" is far from impossible. I totally disagree with DPR on this as I have done it many times. Is it as good as a standard DSLR with high frame rates? Probably not and it takes some getting used to but it is very doable.

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Perhaps your 3 fps SLR works for you. But my 12 fps SLT works for me too. And myself, including others, can track action just fine with that thank you very much.

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