Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

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Re: Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

tbcass wrote:

Ed at Ridersite wrote:

It's limited by the buffer.  A faster card will clear the buffer much faster, but a fast card will not gain much in terms of the max number if images until the buffer fills.  See the dpreview analysis about 1/2 way down this page:

But if the faster card clears the buffer faster you should gain a few shots in the burst until the maximum is reached, at least in theory.

From what I gathered, the A57 (don't know about the others), that RAM buffer content can not be transferred to the SD card faster than 4.5MB/s. So, I *think* I've spotted a test done by someone on this forum a couple of months ago, it makes no difference whether you use a class 10 or class 6 card.

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