Nikon 60/2.8G for D7000.. for Portraits and flower photography

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Re: Nikon 60/2.8G for D7000.. for Portraits and flower photography

Chandras wrote:


I have D7000 and using mainly 16-85 lens for everything Travel, walkaround and family functions combined with SB700 flash. so far it served me very good.. now i m planning to invest on a good glass for my family Portraits and occasional flower photography and some creative shots as well.

may be i can consider 50/1.8G lens which is cheap compared to 60/2.8G but then i m not sure about the macro capabilities. 60/2.8G lens may open some window acquring new photography skill too.

Your opinion plz..

*I m not looking for Tamron 90mm as the focal length may not suit much for me.



The 60mm Macro on a D7000 is my primary lens for underwater photography.  For photographing <1" sea slugs to entire coral heads/formations (plant and flower equivalent) it really shines.  I have also used it above water for flowers, flower buds, bugs on flowers, food, ect. and was equally pleased.  Agree wit the others on the optical quality comments.  Great detail sharpness and contrast.  Portraits are not in my domain, but it also renders great details on larger subjects at distance (cars, furniture, plants, pets).  The 105 gives you more working distance, but the 60mm has a closer to subject min focus distance.  If you want macro capabilities and plan on using it for flower photography, then based on experience I would say this combo works well and you should rent it to play around with (if possible).  If you just want a fast lens and macro is an after thought, consider the 50 1.8 or the 85.  Optically both are high quality and you can still generate whole plant images and portraits.  The advantage of the 60 in practice will be closer to the flower, frame-filling images vs having to crop with the 50 to frame the same subject (due to working distance, focal length, and reproduction < 1:1).

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