Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

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Re: Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

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But aren't you comparing something like 10 or 12 fps to the competition that does only like 3 or 5 fps or something like that?

Yes, you are correct.  I've not tried any OVF cameras at 10-12 fps.  And, I basically never (unless I'm showing off) use my A-77 at 12fps.  My lenses except for the 28-135mm and 35-70mm F4 are not sharp enough wide open.  The A-77 can be set for 3, 8 or 12 fps.  I usually have it set for 3 or 8 fps.  Even at 8 fps, I start loosing track of the subject after about 4-5 frames.

Is it limited by the card? With a fast card, how many frames can you shoot at 8 FPS?  One thing I remember when I considered the A77 is the that the fast rate was only available for 2 seconds or something...

The A99 sounds like a dream with the AF-D but it seems like it may be still constrained by the buffer.

I don't know about the A77 or A99, but from what I gathered, the A57 internally can only write at 4.5MB/s max. It means that using a class 10 card won't make it any faster than using a class 6 card.

According to Dpreview, the burst rate in jpeg fine when the buffer is full, is up to 2.5 fps with a 45MB/s card. That's >10MB/S. Burst rate after a full buffer in RAW was up to 1 fps, wich is about 16MB/s. And it can write a full buffer of RAW files (20) in 23 (21+2 seconds of shooting) seconds, which would equate to over 22 MB/s.

I don't think many class 6 cards will manage that....

I think you're forgetting the fact that photos first go into an in-camera RAM, and from there it's getting copied to the SD card.

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