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Re: Predictable forum freakout

temama wrote:

Gary Martin wrote:

Relax folks, this will have zero effect on R&D and future product releases, and they've done this before (K-x, K-r, Q). In other words: THIS IS PROBABLY NOT FOR YOU.


The question is: Is Pentax system for me much longer?

I have invested a lot of money for Pentax system, I want some real new products, not all this carnival stuff, like Pentax Q, K-01 or plenty of new colours!!!!!!!!

I'll take this very personally. I feel that Pentax messes with us. I have waited a long time Pentax K Mount full frame camera, I have waited swivel screen. And here is what Pentax has to offer. How they dare?

Use of that many ! marks is a sign of mental derangement, so  get a grip of yourself.

You take it personally ? What that Ricoh bought Pentax specifically to screw with your head ? A small company like Pentax doesn't have the rate of development that Canon and Nikon do. If you must have the very newest thing you should probably have got a Canon 5D in 2005.

I've been waiting for full frame since I bought a *istD in 2003.  I've updated all but two of my lenses in that time.  If Pentax doesn't get a FF in the next 10 years they're screwed.  I've listened to people saying the sky would fall for Pentax if they didn't do X, Y or Z  for a bit more than 10 years. And you know what I do ? I go out and shoot photos. And I look at the prints I make now and how vastly better they are than I ever got from 35mm film and think of people who are complaining like my children when they squable "He got that ..." "She got that"  and my reply is "Shut the hell up and be grateful for what you've got".  Which maybe should be "Be amazed at what you've got, and go and shoot pictures with it"

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