New NEX-6 user needs first prime - SEL3518 or Sigma 30mm or legacy prime

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Re: New NEX-6 user needs first prime - SEL3518 or Sigma 30mm or legacy prime

richiemccaw wrote:

mgn2 wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

John Knuhtsen wrote:

Difficult question. I would buy a sony 20, sony 50 (portraits, it could be a legacy lens), and something 12 mm (it could be the sony 16 plus the ultrawide, for architecture).

I would add the Sigma 30 as well. And keep the 1650 lens.

That would make a very nice setup for reasonable cost.

If indoors video is of a concern, e.g. children & family, I would splurge for the E35 with OSS.

I really do want to get the E35, but I think if I get the Sigma 30 now for $100, the E35 will eventually drop at least $100 in the used market over a few months, and then I might pick one up as well.

You should just go and get the E35. I strongly believe, and as many here would also agree, that it would be well worth the price as a brand new lens.

So you think the $450 spent would be an obvious improvement over the kit lens in terms of startup, AF, bokeh, sharpness and video performance? I want to like the Sigma 30, but I feel it may not be wide/fast enough, and I read it slows down startup time and is not as fast at AF as the E35. Where can I find a good used E35 at a discount?

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