D800 100% pixel view in LV with firmware update!

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Re: Another 1.01 LV vs Image Review comp

Horshack wrote:

primeshooter wrote:

Like others here have noticed, I have seen a huge improvement, the picture you showed on the left, mine is much better than that, sorry but it is! Have you tried with exposure preview on and off in LV? Mine is a whole lot better, I can actually focus at 100% wheras before it was good guesswork at best.

Since the D800/E's interpolation only skips horizontal lines the artifacts will be more obvious on some subjects vs. others. My 1.00 vs 1.01 LV images posted above show identical results so I'm not sure what to make of others who say there's improvement; I have to trust my eyes over subjective opinions, unless someone can post photos of the LCD in LV vs preview for a subject similar to my cereal box that has well-defined horizontal and vertical detail.

Exposure preview doesn't affect the interpolation I see. Only the picture style can affect it (sharpness, contrast), the same as it did in 1.00.

Perhaps. I've tried focusing with trees and leaves in photographs and found it much easier than before. I won't be often focusing on the back of a cereal box or whatever, text is gonna show up the issue much more. Like I said, for the real world I notice an improvement.

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