Comparative Resolution Test; Olympus XZ10, Canon S110, Nikon P310, Nikon P330

Started Apr 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
Michael_13 Regular Member • Posts: 364
caution with dslr-check

Although this guy often comes up with interesting comparisons across different systems and lenses you need to judge carefully what you see.

Regarding the linked picture:

At initial inspection one might think that P330 is far superior to the other models. After downloading the full sized versions I found the following:

- Exposure of P330 is almost one stop brighter than that of XZ-10
- P330 is heavily (over-)sharpened

My conclusion:

XZ-10 shows more details on the little hill and in the bushes. It also shows more noise due to sharpening and underexposure compared to P330.

P330 over-sharpened the twigs and smeared the foliage, but most likely is better regarding noise. Lens is excellent.


XZ-10 (to the right) after sharpening

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