? Time to change this forum's name

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Re: ? Time to change this forum's name

herbymel wrote:

Ando72 wrote:

razormac wrote:

How about . . .

Nikon Consumer DX

Nikon Pro DX

Nikon FX


Nikon New Release

That way the hot pixel, oil spottiing, color mangement, and focus issues and other discussions on the latest camera would have a seperate forum. Add to the description speculation about the next release and it would be perfect.

Innovative, kind of like throwing all the misbehaving kids into a room by themselves and letting them duke it out.

Although many people got their panties in a twist a little while back when the forum was called "Consumer".  Apparently it's offensive...

Ah yes..memories of the whine from times past...I've been offended before, and being called a consumer didn't rank high on that list.

FWIW you can put me down as strictly Consumer DX (unless I someday give in and buy an FX model). My current body is the D5000, but will be ordering the D7100 sometime this summer.

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