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Re: Settings to reduce banding; are DPReview samples immune?

Well it could help. It all depends on what happens with the picture afterwards. I'm not that familiar with Lightroom to tell you the sequence of processing it does, but usually if you'd clip and then push the shadows, all that was clipped could easily bring back all that banding.

I don't know how to explain this that clearly but maybe it would help to do two experiments:

Import a clean NEf that you know has banding....clip to some low level....then export as tiff or some other file. Then do your shadow pushing on this exported picture. If the clipping was high enough you should see no banding whatsoever, but the extremely dark areas will have absolutely no detail.

Then import again the same clean nef and so clipping and shadows pushing in one go...most probably you'll just get back all that banding delight, by pushing all that noise right above the clipping level.

Again..I don't know if this will work in Lightroom.

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