A few words on Equivalence and comparing systems

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Re: Perhaps the real question should be.....

Great Bustard wrote:

jalywol wrote:

Can you get the results you are looking for from the camera system you are using?

Yes, but that's 'cause I shoot FF. 

If you are a shallow DOF seeker, then FF is always going to be a better choice than M43.

I disagree.  While FF allows for a more shallow DOF and less noise than mFT, that doesn't mean that mFT doesn't do shallow DOF or has too much noise.

In fact, even for someone who loves shallow DOF and clean photos, they may find that mFT is "good enough" in that regard, so why put up with the size, weight, and cost of a FF system that has even more shallow DOF and lower noise still, when it won't make a noticable impact on their photography?

If you routinely shoot in very dark environs with no flash, the high ISO performance of a good FF sensor is going to be better than M43.

Again, not necessarily.  The better noise performance of FF comes at the expense of a more shallow DOF.  For the same DOF and shutter speed, FF has no noise advantage over mFT (indeed, FF is even at a disadvantage when using a lens that does not have IS and motion blur is not an issue).

It's an interesting way of looking at different systems. Given the same FOV, DOF, the ideal lenses for all systems create equivalent images. Of course, there are no ideal lenses, and lenses for larger sensors are easier to make.

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