Nex-7 vs EM5 Shutter Speed comparision at ISO 200

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Re: Nex-7 vs EM5 Shutter Speed comparision at ISO 200

LTZ470 wrote:

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LTZ470 wrote:

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I kept wondering why the EM5 had slower shutter speeds than normal, so I jumped on the band wagon that Olympus was cheating at stated ISO' after arguing the point back and forth I decided to get a 70mm f/2.8 Sigma Lens that was the foundation for several disputed errors in shutter speeds from Image Resource samples...

I bought the Nex E mount to A Mount Adapter and a M43 to A Mount adapter and a Sigma 70mm A Mount to cut to the chase...heres the informal findings shooting indoors due to rain, bad weather..all originals are HERE

This really didn't help me as I like to shoot birds and wildlife, so not satisfied with the results, I wanted to prove to myself that the EM5 was indeed consistent with other cameras with shutter speeds utilising the 100-300, my biggest concern of the bottom two photos were taken with Nex-7 55-210 at 210mm (315mm EFL) and EM5 100-300 at 150mm (300mm EFL) both at f/6.3 which is the largest aperture on the Sony E Mount 55-210 at 210mm...I was surprised that not only did the EM5 consistently shoot with the same shutter speed, the details speak for wife loves the 55-210 and it stays in her bag, never to be touched by me, I know better (It's a piece of Sony $hite)

Thanks for the report. Good to see that the "slow E-M5 shutter" you were talking about didn't materialize. A few of us tried ... ahem ... to tell you it wouldn't.

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Figured you would be smart enough to look at the first two photos...ahem...guess not... ;-)...

Oh. I did. The E-M5 shots are both brighter, particularly in the last pair. So that reinforces my point. Seems you weren't smart enough to really look at your images before posting them.

Time for new glasses musta not opened he as ever Bro...

Let me post some crops of the same two to see which is sure ain't brighter the Nex-7 shot is definitely brighter allowing for even more shutter speed...

kenw already had the courtesy of sorting things out for you. So it seems I won't have to take the trouble.

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