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Re: Settings to reduce banding; are DPReview samples immune?

Hello creaDVty

RawDigger is a free tool that enables you to open raw files (including NEF) and quickly shows you some statistical data for that particular file.

The ISO100 still life picture from imaging sources does not contain data that would be dark enough to exhibit noticeable banding. (FYI a couple of posts ago, I posted an observation I made on my files, and it seems to agree with other people findings - banding only seems to become noticeable if the lightness levels are really low - that is if you have really really, near zero values)

In the sunflower picture that you made available all three channels contain extremely low values where banding occurs, in fact R and B channels have zero values.

So if possible (depending on the scene being shot) for now I think ETTR would be best (that means exposing to the right as much as possible without blowing the highlights). For some scenes this does not help (for example for me, at night it doesn't work...you'll have at least some area in complete darkness most of the time).

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