New Epson 3540_AUTO firmware update & blocking non OEM carts?

Started Mar 31, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: New Epson 3540_AUTO firmware update & blocking non OEM carts?

Thanks Petruska.

It's good to hear many Epson users aren't having problems after firmware updates.  In spite of your ? good natured ? ribbing about paranoia, this problem WAS widely documented & cautioned as recently as 2012.  Several large inksellers still have the bold warnings, though may be outdated.   No idea why they aren't removed, if issue is fixed.

My direct communication w/ several inksellers in last few days, showed the problem was indeed real, but seems some reman'd / refillable mfgs  (once again) came up w/ NEW style chips to overcome Epson's efforts to prevent using aftermarket carts.  Of course, this took some time.

My advice to others w/ new printers, looking to buy aftermarket carts for 1st time, is check directly w/ the seller about this, before buying - unless you like wasting time buying, then returning items.  Check their written warranty & return policy; who pays return shipping if carts don't work.

BTW, on my new WF-3540 & latest d/l of full software pkg, the AUTOmatic firmware updater file, designed to run DURING installation, was in the extracted installer's temp files path (in Vista):

c:\users\<username>\appdata\local\temp\epson wf-3540 series\firmware\resource\fwd395tl\epfwupd.exe.  Kaspersky identified it as "Epson Firmware Updater."

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