A few words on Equivalence and comparing systems

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Re: A few words on Equivalence and comparing systems

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Nobody in their right mind will make or buy a 80-300/8-11.2 lens for FF regardless of the cost. But on crop, the Canon 55-250 has longer reach, faster aperture in eq. terms, about the same price and at least the same resolution. Which does not mean that it is more practical.

No. The Olympus 40-150 is sharper, I would even say a lot sharper, than the EF-S 55-250. I had that lens once but I sold it. It's well regarded but I was disappointed. The 40-150 is astonishingly good, and if you think of the price for it it's almost unbelievable.

In all respects  that GB listed the 40-150 is equivalent to a FF 80-300/8-11,2, but when I take a picture with it I regard it as a 40-150/4-5,6, which it is, and it gives me the same FOV and same exposure. But deeper DOF and a little more noise, theoretically at least.

You can look at another APS-C lens which is much closer to Olympus 40-150/4-5.6 (FF eq. 80-300/8-11.2), that is Sony 55-210/4.5-6.3 (FF eq. 82.5-315/6.75-9.45): http://www.dpreview.com/products/compare/side-by-side?products=sony_e_55-210_4p5-6p3&products=oly_m_40-150_4-5p6_r

The lens, not surprisingly, has better resolution on APS-C than Olympus on m4/3. The lens is longer and heavier, though as a part of the system it's hardly noticeable, but it's also 40% faster, and unlike Olympus it has high build quality with metal barrel. I would expect if the manufacturer used plastic and made lens slower it would have been the same weight as Olympus, though I'm sure the buyers would rather opt for 5 oz extra weight in exchange for better image quality, build, and speed.

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