Finally new releases from Pentax...

Started Apr 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Predictable forum freakout

Gary Martin wrote:

Relax folks, this will have zero effect on R&D and future product releases, and they've done this before (K-x, K-r, Q). In other words: THIS IS PROBABLY NOT FOR YOU.

It gets depressing to come here every time Pentax launches a new product. All you get is miserable old people yelling at clouds about how Pentax is ruining their life if anything short of a FF is announced. Then if Pentax ever does launch a FF, the same people will be crying about it's deficiencies anyway. It's a pretty miserable photographic existence, especially when they can just  sell their gear, as values remain high, and be happily shooting FF within the month from someone else.

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