FZ200 as a birding camera - my moment of truth

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Re: No offense

Chato wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

Chato wrote:

A wonderful series of shots.

But one can tell at a glance, whether an image was shot from a P&S or an SLR.

Those were really nice, Dave. But not all would suggest they were taken with a D-SLR.

The shallower DOF would be the only give-a-way, IMHO.

The FZ200 can give good results, too...the O.P. is new to the FZ200.

Here's a few that might pass for DSLR:

All but the BIF were shot at f2.8. Many are -1 EV

Curious? Why come here and post images from a different brand and much higher end  camera...for what reason?

Maybe a few of us should go over to the Nikon forum and post some FZ200 shots thereĀ 


I messed up and posted here by mistake. My bad, and my apolologies for "trolling."


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I didn't think you were a troll, just that instead of doing a 'hit and run' ,lol,  you could of included more info as to state your point.

Such as ability to control DOF....to get shallower DOF, or high iso IQ benefits,etc of using a D-SLR (as your Nikon D2X) over a small sensor camera like the FZ200.

Take care


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