D7100 - I need help solving the "green shadows" in skin tones problem

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Re: not a camera issue

RudyPohl wrote:

mosswings wrote:


Take a breather, line up your ducks, so to speak, and re-engage.  Find yourself a GOOD Nikon shooter to mentor you and answer your questions. It took you 15,000 shots with your Panny before you knew you were ready for something with more potential.  A good mentor will ease your transition into a much more capable system. As an experienced videographer you are probably well aware of that.

And slow down and enjoy.

Hi mosswings:

I was able to sneak in on my break and quickly check-in to see if there were any more responses to my post. WOW, I had no idea I would set off such a firestorm! I've only been able to scan a few of the posts, but from what I've read so far, I'm afraid to read any further. However, I did look at the most current response at the time which turned out to be yours. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. I appreciate it.

Firstly, let me give the group my heartfelt blanket apology to all I have managed to offend and annoy by this and previous posts. I usually do try pretty hard not to be annoying. Anyways, I really am sorry that so many seem to have taken offence, it was certainly not my intention.

I know that I should not be sharing my angst about this purchase and the ticking clock of the 2-week trial period, and believe it or not I've been trying not to do that... unfortunately, I see that I haven't done such a great job on that part... sorry again.

All I would ask is that folks try to put themselves in my shoes for just a bit... One of the first worrisome things I noticed two weeks ago on the forum was a big green shadow underneath the chin a posted indoor portrait, other posters on that thread noticed the same thing and asked about. The answers that were given, as I recall, didn't really do much to address this issue in a reassuring manner. A few appeals were subsequently made by some people, including myself, for people to post some facial close-ups using this camera, but very few images were ever posted reinforcing, in my mind anyway, that while this camera seems to be great for wildlife, doing facial close-ups was going to be a problem.

Then I spotted your (mosswings) comment about Nikon clipping the blacks resulting in green deep shadows and the potential problem this might become with the D7100 (that really got my attention), and finally I had the entire camera staff confirm to me that this is a long-standing problem with Nikons and that a lot of people return cameras because of this issue. Iit's not what I needed to hear on the last free evening I had before my trial period ran out.

What is a Nikon newbie like me supposed to think? One of the horror stories I heard from a staff member last night was about what happened to another staff member who is an accomplished fashion photographer from Korea. Apparently he was successful in Korea, but when he started shooting white (Caucasion) people here in Canada, he couldn't get rid of the green shadows, and so in the end he sold his Nikon gear and went Canon. Again ask you, what was I supposed to think in the moment, especially with my safety-valve trial period running out tomorrow and me not being able to get to the camera store? I remembered that a long-time friend of mine has been doing wedding photography for years and all he's ever used was Nikon. Surely he's not getting green shadows or no one would by his photos, but I wasn't able to contact him. in the moment.

The fact that I said I love this camera and want it to work, and that I am remaining in this thread and taking the heat, that I am willing to spend whatever time and effort is required learn the system and to get my portraits looking good and without green shadows or least get them much reduced, and most of all, that fact that I have called the camera store and told that I am working on this issue so please hold the camera for me for a few days, which they have agreed to do, should tell people where my heart is regarding the quality and the promise of this camera.

I could have simply walked away and concluded that this was not for me, or worse, bad-mouthed the camera, which I have not done. Instead I have asked for assistance in finding a post processing solution that will work no matter how much or how little green appears in the files.

It sure will be interesting to see where this all comes out, I hope we can all still be friends if I end up re-purchasing the camera and sticking around this forum... I sure hope that that will be the outcome.


Well, good luck, as I understand you have returned the camera. Think a few seconds about it: Nikon sells over 5 million dslrs per year. Many of those to professional photographers, in all areas. Also lots to enthusiasts that have had experience with film and digital for many years. Are they just being fooled by Nikon? Or are they just not careful about their photography? Haven't you considered that many people used to compacts' output may have a skewed experience and are not actually used to a neutral reproduction of colors?

If you check the dlsr forums, as well as the ML ones, you will see that hardly a page goes by w/o someone complaining about skintones, skytones, clipped reds or blues, and so on. Or claiming that colors from such brand are so much better than colors from another one. One checks the color tests and none of that is vindicated by careful testing. Actually, the Nikons have typically scored better color depth than any other maker, with the exception of the larger and older Sony FFs, which they don't make any more.

Here's a couple of typical portraits, check them large for full impact of details, from the D7000, which people also think produces green overtones. (If you are seeing any, please check the color calibration of your monitor, but before doing that, maybe you should notice that skin usually have a very wide gamut of colors). Again, good luck.

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