Future of Pentax?

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Look at the K 01. It is a fantastic camera, but got killed by a malevolent press.

They K-01 got panned because it's a one trick pony.

The trick? Oh, you can focus manual lenses accurately. Unfortunately you need young eyes, or reading glasses, to actually see what you're shooting.

I have one, and I think it's brilliant, but that doesn't alter the fact that it was dead in the water.

The K-01 got poor reviews for specific reasons: controversial styling, large size (for a mirrorless), lack of viewfinder options, and slow operation. I have one and enjoy it immensely, but the style-over-function experiment obviously failed in the marketplace. I don't think focus peaking was mentioned in any reviews.

I am honestly thinking about getting a second one. My family members do not want to use my DSLR but want the K 01.

Which shows the failure of Pentax marketing on this. I have found that people react very positively when I show them my K-01 and let them use it, especially since the vast majority of them are comfortable shooting without a viewfinder. And it definitely leaves a much more positive impression in person than in any pictures. But alas, there was almost no way for the average U.S. consumer to ever even see one in person - this camera was doomed from the start.

No kidding! I have been shooting for 20+ years and the K 01 is by far my favorite camera. It is a stumbling block for the SLR crowd, but the non trad photog finds it to be a great tool.

If Pentax actually tried to market it, get some real reviews on it, and marketed the DA21 as a great add on, it could be pretty hot. I actually would lke to have a second one.

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