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Re: Settings to reduce banding; are DPReview samples immune?

Gar Ber wrote:

i only checked the ISO 100 still-life image from imaging-resources (with Rawdigger), but the levels seem to be just at or above some sort of a threshold that keeps reoccurring under which banding becomes almost (if not at all) unnoticeable. My own test files go below those levels (even to absolute 0) and they do exhibit banding / noise pattern. What I find interesting is how they managed to actually "expose perfectly just to be at those levels" or if indeed there's something else going on.


Agreed. I just checked both the dpreview and imaging resource NEFs in RawDigger and both have ADU values above zero for the darkest areas. The banding in other images likely occurs when the ADUs go to zero on one or multiple channels, and may be the result of unbalanced black clipping on a per-channel basis, the same as what's causing the color shifts in those deep shadows.

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