A few words on Equivalence and comparing systems

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Crop factors and Equivalents

69chevy wrote:


My camera phone has a crop factor of 7.64, the lens is 3.85mm and the aperture is f2.4.

The FF equivalent is 30mm f2.4?

No -- the FF equivalent is 29mm f/18 (3.85mm x 7.64 = 29mm, f/2.4 x 7.64 = f/18).

Why bother comparing different formats?

Why compare different anything?  That said, there's no point in bringing up Equivalence if you are not comparing different formats.

If you use both, you should still know the FOV of all of your lenses from experience.

One would hope that you know more than just the FOV.

Apples and Oranges if you ask me (which you didn't).

More like V8s and in-line 4s, actually.

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