Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

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Re: Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

I shoot my daughters soccer team (club U18) with a Sony A77. Used the A700 before that. I find the frame rate of an SLT an advantage over the OVF. I shoot in continuous AF mode, with spot focus, auto review is off. I keep my subject in the center of the frame alot easier at a high frame rate as they are running down the field and I am panning with them. With the A700 OVF I rarely kept my panning pace equal to the soccer player running down the field  - mirror movement even at 5fps caused enough of a delay to sometimes be behind the subject. With the A77 and its much higher frame rate, I have alot more in focus due to being able to keep the center AF point on subject while panning with them. Definitely an advocate for EVF for sports action.


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