Just don't get rid of good gear - D2X tale....

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Re: Just don't get rid of good gear - D2X tale....

Not mad, for sure.

I have a theory that, while older sensors are technically inferior, these older sensors were designed with different goals in mind.

Those were another times, with different priorities, and that ended in very different image outputs.

They were not so focused in High ISO, megapixels or DR those days.

If you take a closer look, all cameras from 2000 - 2007 had a different rendering with, generally speaking, more pleasant colors and much more pop.

It's no surprise that those were the days of CCD sensors as well...

Those older files do not have the same latitude to save errors like today's sensor... you had to be sure to nail exposure.

But if you did, these older files look very nice.

I still believe my D200 renders nicer than my D700, just to name one example.

The D2x comes from that golden age: technically inferior sensors, but superb rendering nevertheless.

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