Are the constant aperture Panasonic lenses worth it (and are you wating for Olympus?)

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Re: I depends on which camera you use.

Had to run out for lunch so didn't fully complete my post earlier. Personally, I have an EM-5 and the 12-50 as my main 12mm. I tested both the SLR Magic 12mm and the Olympus 12mm (great lens) but I can't justify the cost at the moment. I'm personally more of a primes guy, but I'm not sure I want all the primes in that range.

I have the 25mm and the 14mm, which I'll keep either way. I use LR for most photos(though the EM-5 have very nice OOC jpegs). I have been seriously considering the 12-35mm, as it offers several FLs I don't have a strong fast lens for (the 12-50 is nice in strong light or with a flash, but the 12-35 would obviously be superior). With the rumors of the 12-40mm, I've been waiting to see what they release before I make a decision.

zenpmd wrote:

I agree the zooms aren't bad value when you consider the cost of primes - but to me, thats more an indicator of how expensive the primes are rather than how cheap the zoom is (though I appreciate that is an academic distinction.

But is crazy how, say, Nikon and Canon have both 35mm and 50mm dslr options which are both great and cheap.

I've seen it mentioned that Canikon have had lenses out for years, and much of the new lenses are smaller upgrades, while PanOly are making new lens and need to recoup R&D for them. I don't know how lens factories work, but I do know that in technology factories need to be rebuilt to accommodate smaller chip sizes fairly often(though the miniaturization war seems to be slowing down). If such necessities are involved with lenses as well, then they may have to recoup those too. Though, Oly and Pan have both been in 4/3 size for a while, so maybe not. Sigma has made lenses for both, so I'm not sure if it requires different factories or not.

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