Pocket backup for my OMD EM-5

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Re: Pocket backup for my OMD EM-5

jquagga wrote:

Sure, that works too! I'm not as well versed on the Olympus side but my understanding was the e-pl5 has the same sensor as the OM-D. So it's a baby of what you have now. With the older IBIS though and no viewfinder etc.

I'd defer to others with more experience with those cameras though. I'd be very happy with a EPL5, 17 1.8 in one pocket an the 14-42 in another.

The RX100 will be smaller of course but you'd lose the interchangeable lens advantage. They're all fine cameras.

I would pick a EPL5 over a EPM2 anyday. The sensor may be the same but for the extra 100 dollars of difference you get a much stronger body and flip screen to photograph yourself with family or do interesting angles such as high or low angled photos. Totally worth the extra 100 dollars. Although the EPM1/2 is a lighter body, I much preferred the better build of the EPL5. I handled both in store and will upgrade shortly to EPL5 (from EPL1) to take alongside my LX5.

The new LX7 is listed around 450 US dollars or so at B&H Photo (or buy used there at 300) and on sales in some local stores is a decent price for one of the best advanced compact cameras (lightweight pocketable or keep in small pouch) with fast Leica lens. When you have the correct exposures, images are near m43 quality in decent to moderate light (hard to tell apart from m43 unless pixel peeping up close) and handling features are great on these LX cameras (fast AF and responsive and strong body). I like it better than my old Canon Powershot S80 I used to own.

A Pen (for best quality overall) and a LX5/LX7 for everyday lighter use, is a good combo to use both.

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