Underwater housing for RX100

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Tried it out

I'm back from the trip but have not much time so will make it short until I get time for the review I promised.

Basically, the housing performs very well under water. I tested it down to 30.9m and all controls work as well as on the surface.

I can confirm that there is no vignetting at wide angle.

I made a makeshift weight to make it neutral under water. I almost got it right, it is still a bit buoyant but it is much better than diving with a buoy :-D.

The only handling problem I had was with the front wheel control which slipped some 30% in one direction only. It is a similar problem to the one L Copps reported in this thread with the shooting mode control (with which I had no problems at all).
It has to do with positioning the camera withing the housing and can be fixed. I'll address this in my review in more detail.

Just to note that problems with camera positioning withing the housing is not something specific to Meikon - the housing I often refer to, Olympus PT-022 had different small problems with two different C-770 cameras I used with it.

Flash performance is the only serious problem - the flash cannot extend completely when popped out and in combination with a rather big front port bezel creates a shadow across half of the frame at close distances (macros!). Flash diffuser could help (and it does a bit) but it goes only half way to the front port (as opposed to some other Meikon housings).
It would be great to see Meikon do something about it. I might actually improvise something in that direction.

Looking at the competition, Ikelite housing has more room for the flash but also has a big bezel around the front port. Aluminum housings do not even count on the built in flash for anything more than triggering external strobes.
In other words, flash shadow is not specific to the Meikon housing.

To make a conclusion, in spite of few small problems Meikon is definitely worth its price.

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