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Re: Why can't you just leave focus?

Hi Kendall,

I think Dave means that with his DP2 he can get infinity focus without a problem whenever he wants it by just setting setting the focus to infinity. With the DP2 Merrill, when he needs infinity, it's too easy to miss it by going "beyond" infinity and out of focus. The autofocus at night can be unreliable or difficult to lock in very low light as it is with almost all cameras, so one relies on manual focus. Just turning the ring to infinity doesn't guarantee proper focus. I don't think Dave means that this way of obtaining infinity is a bug, but that not having some quick method such as the with the DP2 is an oversight or bug.

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Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Chato wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

It would be useful if there were a "button" or quick setting which gave infinity - but unfortunately not - perhaps in some future firmware update it could be accomplished....

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I find it works fine.

But really Lin, this is a major bug. Not trivial at all. In fact, it's inexcusable.

When I shoot at night, auto focus is "iffy" at best, something I actually don't have a problem with. But when I walk around the street, I change my focus all the time. Essentially, even though your method works, it means I have to turn the camera on and off ten times every ten minutes, on one of my walking tours of the neighborhood, when done at night.

I don't understand, if you constantly want to go to infinity focus, why not just leave it at infinity?

If you don't want to focus at infinity (which is seems like you do not, as you are changing focus all the time) why not just change focus and ignore this feature exists?  There is no way this feature can interfere with what someone is trying to do, it only helps.

It's not even close to a bug.  It's a really useful aspect of how the camera operates.  What would you propose instead?

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