5d mklll grip c---p

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Re: 5d mklll grip c---p

Skip M wrote:

ardtullaich wrote:

Derogatory is not what i was meaning neither was it a snipe and i am offened by your remark .

I have never made a racist comment in my life. So lets not get off the beaten track here and stick to the topic.

So many times in forums the original topic is lost .

The grip is still sh-te.  More so than the one they released for the 20d.

Why can't they follow the profile of the body ,they no they are going to release a grip for the camera so why dont they take that into the design.

Look at how well the eos 5 grip moulded in to the body. So it didn't have extra battery storage but you had a grip that worked great in portrait mode.

Well, I've got news for you, you have made a racist comment, and that was it.  The term you used is considered offensive by those described by that term.  To say that you didn't mean it as derogatory or as a snipe doesn't change the effect.  To take offense at being called on it is in itself a strange reaction.


I just googled and was surprised to find that you are correct that it is taken as a derogatory term. It stems back to WW2 when the term was used extensively in propaganda articles. Before that it was nothing more than a short form and had no negative connotation. And I suppose in time it will revert back to nothing more than a short form, maybe that is already happening.

As to whether the OP intended it that way only he knows. If he is a young person he may not know the connotation. Also as stated in other posts it is regional.

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