Sell Canon G12, get J1?

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Re: Sell Canon G12, get J1?

I had a G12 and DSLR.

I used G12 as my go everywhere camera and when I needed swivel lcd.  I loved the controls but handling was akward (too heavy for the small grip).

I added the J1 and I basically stopped using the G12 due to AF and image quality, particularly indoors (I also stopped using the D5000 in my trips). So I sold my D5000 first, then G12. But I added a Samsung EX2F (swivel lcd, 24 mm lens, F1.4).

Now I use J1(30%)/EX2F (60%)/D700 (10%) of the time.

Now if I was going to have just one camera and I currently had a Canon G12, I am not sure I would go for J1. I would ask myself how important is optical viewfinder (try a ski trip without one, you can't see anything), swivel LCD and direct access to key controls versus fast AF.  If my budget was low I may even consider a refurbished Panasonic G2 or G3 or wait for the price of V2 to plunge down as V1 did.  If you really wants the fast AF from Nikon 1 consider the V1 (at least you get a viewfinder).

I hope this helps.

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Daniel Oh
ps. I truly believe photography as a hobby is defined by the pleasure you get from the activity. It does not matter what equipment or results. I am a hobbyist and a very awful photographer (snapshooter is a better name) but a very happy one.

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