What is the best m43 for focus tracking?

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I was asking about that exact post. You state that the system only shifts the sensor in rotation about the horizontal axis (which I take to be the optical axis). So does this system compensate pitch and yaw only using vertical/horizontal translation?

Pitch and yaw are corrected by shifting the sensor up-down and left-right. All in-body IS systems do this and work like that.

Thanks. I understood previous in-body systems to work this way, but I had wondered (from the name?) if the Olympus system actually corrected for multiple rotation axes. It seems not.

I don't think you're understanding correctly.

IBIS (even IBIS on the earlier PEN cameras prior to "5-axis") corrects rotation about all three axes. That is pitch, yaw and roll. Pitch and yaw are corrected by shifting the sensor up/down or left/right respectively. Roll is correct by turning the sensor about the optical axis (z-axis).

The additional corrections added by the 5-axis system are for camera shift up/down and left/right. These are not common. They're also not generally necessary. The only time that pure translational motion of the camera is noticeable is at very close focus distances. (i.e. At 1:1 macro, a movement of the camera of 1 mm straight up corresponds to a movement of the image projected on the sensor of 1mm that would have to be corrected by an opposing 1mm motion of the sensor. At 1:2 macro, that 1mm camera motion translates to a 0.5mm image motion.)

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