Any Nikon P330 experiences?

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Scheinrb wrote:

I received my P330 yesterday and as soon as I opened the box and started reading the quick-start guide I was struck by this inexcusable design flaw.  Having to charge the battery in the camera precludes charging up one battery while using another and considering it's a small battery without high capacity, this is a major inconvenience, especially since a full charge from empty takes approx. 4 1/2 hours (the larger battery in the V1 charges in about 3 hours; why does this one take so long?).  This precludes the use of the P330 as a serious vacation camera.  I understand Nikon makes an accessory charger but all that does is force the user to shell out more money and put more profit in Nikon's pocket.  No excuse for the camera to not be supplied with an outboard charger instead of the one it has.

Additional points:  Since the door covering the connectors has to be opened every time the battery is recharged, it will be subject to premature wear and failure.  The camera itself will become warm every time the battery is charged, possibly leading to shorter lifespan.  And if Nikon had provided an outboard charger, the charging circuitry could have been left out of the camera body, possibly resulting in a slight reduction of size.

Every iPhone battery gets charged inside the phone. Unless you sleep less than 4.5 hours recharging the battery during the night should not be an issue.

If you also carry a laptop on your travels, you only need the cable and can charge via the laptop, while that is plugged into mains.  I actually think the having the option to charge the battery in camera is a nice addition for travellers.

If you don't like it, you will have to buy an extra charge - I agree that this is not so nice.

By the way the Olympus XZ-1 also charges in camera and one needs to buy an extra charger if one dislikes that.  I think charging in camera will be the future for non-pro kit.

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