Why are SD cards so expensive?

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Re: Why are SD cards so expensive?

MikeFromMesa wrote:

Actually it depends upon which card you are looking at. I just checked on Amazon and found 128gb sd cards running from about $92 to a little over $150. The $92 card was PNY which is a decent brand name. Not a brand that spends much money on advertising, but a well-known memory brand. And Transcend, which is what I use, is also considerably less than $150.

I was looking at Lexar. I'm not really sure what brands are good or not, but I know that Lexar is pretty highly rated. I thought PNY was not very good, but I guess I'm wrong.. Maybe I'll have to look into those.

Also I looked at Lexar because of the speed. I'm using a hacked GH2, which requires fast write speeds. I have a Lexar 16GB. There is a high bitrate option which is a little bit higher, but my card is not fast enough, and it stops the recording after 5 seconds. Lexar cards have higher speeds than most of the others so they would probably support my recording speed.

Also, before you buy, you might want to check to see what kind of cards your camera supports. The Lexar Professional 400X is a UHS-I card and I am not sure if your camera supports that technology (it might. I just don't know). Also I think that all sd cards larger than 32gb are sdxc and you might want to verify that your camera supports that technology. My old Canon t1i did not and I am not sure if the 7D I used to have supports that either. I just don't know.

My camera is a GH2 and the GH2 supports up to SDXC(which I assume would include UHS-1). Of course the T1i won't because I'm pretty sure it came out when SDXC was not yet available, or just not used much.

As for the 7D, it uses a CF card.

Why? Do you need more than 1 hour 20 minutes of recording time on any single day? Do you back up your images every day and reformat your cards?

I have a Canon 5D3 and I use 32gb cards. That gives me almost a thousand still photos and, since the card size is 8 x the size of the largest movie I can make (there is a 4GB file size limitation) I don't expect to run out of memory space on any particular day.

Since I backup my images every evening 32GB seems like more than enough for me.

Like I said, I will be recording for an event, and I would need lots of recording time. I'm not sure how much I'll actually be recording, or if there will be lots of downtime, but I'm just trying to find something better than a 16GB. And the GH2 has a 30 minute limit, but this was removed by the hack.

If anything I can bring my computer and just find a moment to stop and transfer it over to my computer and then have the card empty again.


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