What is the best m43 for focus tracking?

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Hogan seems to say the sensor rotates, tilts, and swivels. The infographic (and the video) suggest that the sensor compensates for roll, pitch and yaw. The video in the thread clearly shots the roll compensation, although I can't clearly see a pitch/yaw motion as well. What am I missing?

Not sure exactly which infographic and video you are referring to. But the real facts are as follows: The system compensates for five types of camera shake: pitch, yaw, roll, vertical shift, and horizontal shift. In order to do so it moves the sensor in three ways: up-down, left-right, and rotation about the horizontal axis.

Here is some additional information on how it actually works (and not):


I was asking about that exact post. You state that the system only shifts the sensor in rotation about the horizontal axis (which I take to be the optical axis). So does this system compensate pitch and yaw only using vertical/horizontal translation?

Pitch and yaw are corrected by shifting the sensor up-down and left-right. All in-body IS systems do this and work like that.

Some systems, like Pentax SR and the E-M5 IBIS (but not other/earlier versions of Olympus IBIS), can additionally correct for roll by rotating the sensor about the optical axis.

Finally, the E-M5 IBIS can correct for camera shake that takes the form of vertical and horizontal shift. The sensor movement required to do this is exactly the same as for pitch and yaw. But the information required to do it right is different. The E-M5 IBIS is the only in-body IS that manages this type of correction, which is important primarily in close-up shooting.

Lens-based IS systems typically manage pitch and yaw only and none of them can manage roll (which is pretty much impossible to do optically). I know of a single Canon macro lens that manages vertical and horizontal shift.

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