Fujifilm better than sony?

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pevece wrote:

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from the camera store TV:


Personally I very much prefer the manual handling of the Fujis but they're lacking in video and I definitely want a tiltable LCD (even just for photography). Overall they're more expensive, also.

its rubbish, they are playing around it's not a fair comparison.

you can change basic functions very fast with NEX.

Once again, the Sony needs better lenses.

of course but it's also valid for fuji

50mm on nex is very good, very difficult to get same look and colors with other lenses on other systems except for the panasonic-leica 24mm (m4:3)

35mm is very good

24mm is very good

18-200mm is very good

20mm is promising

the sigma 18 en 30mm are good

the 18-55 is good it's not a top lens but capable to deliver very nice and usefull images

the 16-50 main goal is it's compactness, but certainly not bad.

a good standard zoom preferable faster than the fuji version is indeed missing, but most probably comming this year.

a good portrait prime in the range of 70 a 85mm is also desirable

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