A few words on Equivalence and comparing systems

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Re: A few words on Equivalence and comparing systems

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

texinwien wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

slimandy wrote:

That's the problem with trying to find a match rather than using the system for what you bought it for in the first place.

I agree with that. IMO, the m43 is a great system if you accept the limitations of the available apertures in equivalent terms. My point was that if you want to get remotely close to FF (and f/4 is hardly the state of art on FF),

This is your mistake. You think a smaller equivalent f-number equals better performance. That is simply not the case, unless shallow DOF is your measure of performance.

More light is not?

Nope. And neither, for that matter, is shallower DOF a measure of lens performance - mea culpa for mistakenly suggesting it was in my previous post. Sensor size is the only thing that matters.

It will be interesting to see how the MetaBones speed booster for m43 performs. It's slated for release some time this month.


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