Fujifilm better than sony?

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Re: Fujifilm better than sony?

GaryW wrote:

-have you compared RAW's (LR4 or capture one 7)

You don't really know if there's much of a difference unless you can fix the shutter speed and compare photos.  With the ISOs set to auto, fix the shutter (and aperture, if reasonable -- Sony doesn't let you  have auto ISO in manual, but in more dim light, it can use max aperture in shutter priority mode) and let the ISO be whatever the camera wants.  Now compare the resulting photos.

You can't match ISOs then compare, as the given ISO number really varies between cameras, despite what some may think.  Check out DxO, as they find it out in their tests.

It's kind of tricky to actually do a good test comparison.

you don't have to make it that complicated just compare images with 200ISO setting and aperture equal to the sweet spot of the used lenses, for jpeg use jpeg fine setting on NEX6.

-did you check for color shifts

For legacy lenses?  I doubt standard lenses would have this?

18mm f2 fujinon

-did you use lenses of equal quality for your comparisons

Are there lenses of equal quality?  What if Fuji has high-end zooms that Nex fans are still waiting for?  Or is the 16-50 good enough?

the 16-50 is not that bad but not as good as the fuji version, but it is cheaper, more compact an more suitable for video, it's what people where asking for. You can't sel a 500€ lens as kit with NEX3. The 10-18mm seems to be very good,  a HQ standard zoom is still missing for NEX system, normally it will be released this year.

But what a meant, if you want to compare the image quality of camera's one must use lenses of same quality, example the 35mm primes

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