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Re: When you own a software

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You can use it.

When you rent it, you are at Adobe's mercy. They raise the price - you have to pay it, or lose the software.

And that they have the intention to do exactly that is for me as certain as the Amen in church.

Unless you write it yourself, nobody actually owns any software.

All EULA cover the licensing of the use of the software, the ownership remains with the program author.

I suggest you read your EULA terms and conditions more carefully before ticking the "accept" box in future.

I own it, they can write in their small printed what they want.

How do you feel about your photographs? If someone just took your IP without compensating you, how would you feel about that? Imagine for the moment that you are a professional (perhaps you are). In that case, you would agree with your client a fee structure for limited use of your images.  Perhaps it would be unlimited use or even full ownership but regardless, you would expect them to abide by that agreement.  Software is no different, there is an EULA which you agree to on installation and that is legally binding.  I am sure it says nothing about ownership.  You may think you own it, but if you read that agreement, you will quite likely learn that you don’t “own” anything.

Photographers should understand this concept better than anyone else since we deal in intellectual property just like the SW vendor does.  I am amazed that so many people here just don’t get it.

Thank you for the distinguished legal lecture! However, if I buy a software, it is mine! And when I buy a William Egglestone print, it is also mine. :-DOf course the artist has the right to make and sell further prints.

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