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Tom Schum wrote:


Not because you have deviated from the purist stream that is the Sigma Forum but because at least 12 hours have gone by with no response whatsoever!  I can assure you that your post has not gone unnoticed.  It's just that the hordes are speechless!

I think you might have found a really good application for a small-sensor interchangeable lens camera!  And, I didn't know the Pentax Q price had come down so low.

I would like to see a sample shot, but I guess I have to go to the Pentax forum to see it...

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Tom Schum

Hi Tom,

It's been pretty normal for me over the years to try a variety of new cameras. Years ago before I retired and before my late wife and I fell onto misfortune and lost our ranch, life savings and such, I bought several new cameras or more each year. I had to sell most of the really expensive bodies and lenses, but still have a pretty large "collection" of Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Sigma and others - around 40 in all. These days I can only afford a new toy maybe once a year, and then only at bargain basement prices. It's a "hobby" I can no longer support unless something really interesting within my meager budget comes up. The Q has been replaced with the Q 10 which has a couple nice advantages, but the price of the Q10 is well outside my range. I compared it with the original Q and discovered that for my intent and purposes there was no relevant difference.

I began digiscoping back before the term was even coined. My first camera for the purpose was when the little Nikon CP800 was introduced about 15 years ago. I went through the CP series (800, 950, 990, 995 and 4500) and found them to be incredible little tools. With their 28 mm filter size and relatively tiny lenses, they were perfectly adapted for afocal digiscoping. Later, when the first Canon dSLR (the D30) was introduced, I discovered that it made a really nice tool when coupled with my Meade ETX-90 or Swarovski. One of our other posters here (Chato - Dave) also does lots of digiscoping with his Swarvoski and Nikon dSLR.

Over the years there have only been a few really good digiscoping solutions. Because of the dearth of T-Adapters for the Sigma mount in the past, I've not had the opportunity to use my Sigma's much for this purpose. Contax made a nice little camera for it and now Nikon as well as Pentax and Swarovski and begun to realize that there is a market for such things and more tools have become available. The new Q from Pentax represents perhaps a major step forward because it offers the ability to use the 5.5x crop factor 12.4 megapixel sensor with the Pentax K lenses thus incredibly extending the effective focal length while maintaining the great apertures possible with fast lenses. Ideally, a 2.8 or even faster lens such as an f/2.8 300mm can be coupled with this little camera offering an effective focal length of 1680 mm. Of course the f/2.8 300 is way outside my budget, but with some third party adapters it's also possible to use lenses such as my Sigma 50-500 f/4.5 - f/6.3. Of course one is limited to manual focus, but imagine being able to shoot HD video at 2700 plus mm focal length with a tripod mounted stabilized body camera. The Q also works great with a number of other Sigma primes and zooms. Imagine coupling it with a Sigma 300-800 f/5.6 at almost 4500 mm on the long end! Think of the close-up possibilities of birds on a perch, etc., possible! People here who have the 300-800 (Laurence has one) might consider experimenting with this inexpensive tool.

I'll figure out a way of posting here a Sigma image of the Q mounted to one or more of my Sigma lenses - probably shoot it with one of my several Sigma dSLR's or my DP2 Merrill - LOL. Once I get it set up and functional - probably by the end of April, I'll post links to images so as not to anger the moderators by posting non Sigma information on a Sigma Forum. It's too bad that people feel they have to "tippy toe" around. I've never made any pretenses about using multiple tools for my work. My Sigma images are my favorites, but when the job calls for something which my other cameras are better adapted or suited for, that's what I use.

Best regards,


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