Prints too dark. resolution? pixels to dpi?

Started Apr 3, 2013 | Questions thread
Don Glenn Contributing Member • Posts: 854
Re: Prints too dark. resolution? pixels to dpi?

I agree with the others, and I have had the same issue.  I have two comments to add.

First I have started to sample the intensity of the image to verify exposure much more often than I used to.  I calibrated my monitor as well, but it is still not the same as the old CRT's.  I got lucky and picked up and old model i1 display and I use it with Agyllcms.

One other comment, the calibration steps that deal with setting a monitor brightness and contrast are very important to the issue you are having.  Don't be surprised if the brightness setting on the LCD display needs to be close to 0.

Caveats.  There are many different technologies of LCD display.  Each one will have its own characteristics to deal with.  Laptops, especially the cheaper ones, are notorious for using cheap TN displays that are difficult to calibrate because they don't have the same color depth as "better" LCD designs.  Sometimes only 6 bits.  Some of the newer designs are so bright that they are they may not be able to dim the display enough to avoid the problem you are seeing.  Wide gamut monitors have different issues that current best practice is to use the monitor manufacturers calibration hardware to calibrate it because the generic calibration units may not have the precision needed.  And so on...

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