HX300 vs HS50 vs FZ200 w/ TC 1200mm vs 1000mm vs 1020mm?

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Re: There is difference in light and focus point?

kkardster wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

I take it that if Cole would redo the test and make sure that the subject is clear in focus, they will have similar IQ.

I agree they will likely be very similar - we're all trying to squeeze blood from a turnip with these small sensors.

From the crops I have posted, HS50 yielded better result (opposite of the other crops).

Just because you can find select areas where the FZ200 was not focused you can't claim superior resolve because you're comparing an accidental/erroneous HS50 focal plane to the actual/desired focal plane.  My point is that you can't validly make a "better result" claim when the HS50 didn't focus where intended.  That in itself should signify a failure for the HS50.  [I admit that it could be due to a bad camera sample.]

The Spot Focus on the HS50 is only so small unlike FZ200...I made this same shot refocusing several times with both cameras and 9 or 12 shots each to choose from amd chose the best IQ...it won't get any better than that guys you will have to do your own testing from there...it was as fair as I could make it reshooting several times to insure I got good shots in same conditions...check out the grass along the road bed edge as well...

Note: the Spot Af and Spot Metering is unbeatable on the FZ Series, it's sad that other camera Makers don't follow suit (None do, Oly, Sony, Fuji, Canon)...no one follows Panny on THE best implemented Spot AF and Spot Metering that follows the Spot AF around the screen so what ever you AF on is also metered...

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