Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

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Re: Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

The slide show effect makes tracking moving objects very difficult. If you plan to use it on the racetrack, it is better to go with an ovf. I have the A77 and use it for wildlife. But I am having problems keeping the subject in the frame.

I disagree. I never use the EVF and always use the screen of my A57. You should try using the screen. It's much handier. When you have your head butted up against the camera, you're not so much in touch with the scene anymore. Too much of the brain is assigned to camera stuff, so to say. Kind of like dialing a phone in the car using your hands vs voice recognition.

That EVF could literally break on my camera, and I would not give one ayota. I wouldn't even return it on warranty, because I wouldn't be willing to give it up for like 6 weeks.

I track the kids moving around me. 10 fps I use often. Occasionally, I catch a good action photo that way.

Also, I like to stand in a crowd of Canon and Nikon people in the park (Parks are full of those on a sunny day). Then I go stand in the middle of them, and waive my camera around in bursting mode. Clears the field out every time. (just kidding).

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