Can we have focus peaking now Fuji?

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Re: Can we have focus peaking now Fuji?

TThorne wrote:

JasperD wrote:

+1 on everything, however if only having a choice between several, I´d rather have functional exposure compensation with AutoISO under M! That´s truly a bad miss in IMO. I´d bet you expected that... 

You mean functional EC dial in M mode vs minimum shutter in auto ISO? I'd be happy with that also. I feel like the benefits of both options intersect, and also have their own individual pluses. Both would be super professional of Fuji, but one or the other would really be a step in the right direction.

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I hear you and I understand why you want the EC in manual and it is something that I think would be useful. However from a strictly engineering view point I bet that they see it as useless, because you are already in manual mode, just change the settings. That is the purpose of manual to set the exposure via aperture and shutter and ISO. So to have it automatically bias the exposure probably makes them ask why? Of course we know why, but I am guessing that is what they are thinking. Who knows and I doubt we will ever know....


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